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Foreign National Strategies

Foreign National

Foreign policy is always referred to as how the government has relations with other countries. It is also known as foreign affairs policy. The main objective of the US government to start foreign policy is to use diplomacy or talking, meetings with an agreement, and to solve international problems.

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The Goals of Foreign National Strategies

  • Citizens : The most important goal and reason for foreign policy are to protect their citizens. This applies to those who have PR in the US, no matter currently they are in a different city but the PR holder gets its benefit.
  • Friend : Here friend doesn’t mean with whom you say hi how are you? This is another goal of the nation is to contribute to the protection of other countries. In simple words, we can say that the country is mutually supportive and friendly.
  • Protects from war : The focus of the government is to protect the country and its citizens from international wars. 

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Who makes foreign National Strategies?

The foreign policy is made by the president of the country. During the farewell George Washington in 1789, said that

“It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world. Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all the nations-entangling alliance with none”.

The citizens of America today think that United States foreign policy has changed completely from George Washington’s wise words. Many people have helped to shape American foreign policy and today people accept that the United State is a member of the world community that cannot afford to ignore the importance of getting a long way.

The government and life insurance companies carry out United States foreign policy in the areas like trade, tax, defence, intelligence, and global environmental policy. As stated above the government has three main goals for foreign policy i.e. citizen, aliens, and the protection of human rights. There are many challenges in front of government and life insurance companies for foreign policies.

Today citizens believe that words by Washington’s are still wise ones and because of that United States should withdraw from the world of affairs whenever possible.

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